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This textile manufacturing company has branched out to open several retail stores all over India. We have worked extensively on this project for 6 years to successfully design 9 stores. The stores are exquisitely designed with recessed lighting fixtures and pendant fixtures. It has a white marble flooring that blends perfectly with the furnishing and distinct whilst artistic choices of wall décor.

This being the official brand of the United States Polo Association, the interiors have a thoughtfully imbibed theme. The project has been worked on for 7 long years and we have designed 8 stores till today. The store has polished wooden flooring that glimmers under the recessed lighting fixture that runs around the store. The walls are decorated with textured painting and thoughtfully placed photo frames that make this store more captivating.

Tanishq belongs to the Titan Company, which is backed by Tata Group and TIDCO. We have worked for 10 years with them and designed 7 of their showrooms. The showroom has an artistically designed interior. It has recessed lighting theme and an ornate chandelier. The marble flooring blends beautifully with the curvilinear furniture as well as the straight chairs in the showroom. The walls have been adorned with jewelry frames and mirrors.

Truefit&Hill in Bengaluru is a franchise of the well-established hair and grooming salon in London that came into being in the year of 1805. The store in Bengaluru has a classic archaic theme. The polished furnishing, opulent chandelier and articulate lighting fixtures to an otherwise recessed lighting theme adds to the store’s grandiose interior.

Aikyatha is an ethnic Indian fashion store best known for the elegant collection of Kanjivaram sarees. The store follows classic track lights fixtures for a lighting theme. The marble flooring combines elegantly with the white furnishing and the plain white walls that have mirrors bordered with wooden frames.

Titan is India’s consumer goods company, which is joint venture of the Tata Group and TIDCO. The store in Bangalore has a modern red and white color theme. The recessed lighting theme pervades through the store. It has white marble flooring with well-appointed furniture and racks that combines modishly with the aura of the store.

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